Why you must visit to Matheran in India


If I were to advise a place in India, I would advise him/her to visit Matheran, which means “forest on the forehead”, Asia’s only Automobile Free Hill Station.

I have visited Matheran multiple times, yet its natural surroundings and beauty have always fascinated me.  It is the perfect place for adventure lovers. There are around 38 designated look-out “points” in Matheran. The most unique fact about Matheran and what makes it so special, is that no motor vehicle is permitted inside the town.

Arriving in Matheran, it seems that we have come even closer to nature. Matheran can be seen completely in a day, but as soon as you start exploring it, you start connecting with the hill station and the desire to see more dominate you. Coming here looks like you’re in the 18th century. By passing the time here, I feel that even though we have touched the moon, but the experience of real satisfaction is found only in staying close to our earth. Living in the city, I can’t keep myself away from cutting edge technologies, but after reaching Matheran, I cannot connect with these technical things even if I want to. Here, nature attracts and overpowers my mind and then I realize how interesting life is without technology.

I visit this place whenever I need to recharge and reconnect with myself. Therefore, if anyone want to understand life even more closely then I will definitely inspire and highly recommend that person to visit this place.


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