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Dr. Govathi Nikhila: Journey of an enthusiastic young Indian Researcher

Dr. Govathi Nikhila: Journey of an enthusiastic young Indian Researcher

There is no point in running behind success if one does not stay determined and work hard for they are the prerequisites to triumph. It is not about how good you are at things but rather how enthusiastically you take up opportunities and turn them into success. There could not be a better example than Dr. Govathi Nikhila, one of India’s acclaimed young researchers, who made it her goal to serve humanity with zeal and avidity. She started as a normal kid who was an average student at school but went ahead to become the best in her field.

Childhood with a Doctor Set

A pampered, naughty and, delightful girl, Govathi was a joy to have around during her childhood days. It was her quirky nature that won over the hearts of family members and neighbors. One person she was specifically close to was her Grandfather. Both of them would play, eat, sleep, and roam together while sharing childish talks despite the age gap between the two. More than a grandfather-granddaughter duo, they were friends with each other. He would take her side in situations arising out of Nikhila’s mischiefs and often save the bubbly girl from getting scolded. Though she liked toys, playing with a Doctor’s set was her favorite game. Hanging the stethoscope in her neck and using her kindergarten telescope, she would go around the house pretending to treat her family members, who would oblige to whatever she prescribed as her regular patients. 

Bunking classes at school

She was an average student who hated math problems. All she wanted was to, somehow, manage an escape during mathematics classes. However, since she was curious about the medical profession from the beginning Govathi was attracted to the Subject of Science and would keenly attend its lectures. Humble and quiet were her traits during school and, she was accompanied by a limited number of friends, some of whom remain in touch. Her teachers remember Govathi’s personality as one of a down to earth person and an obedient student. Moreover, the young lad’s chemistry with her Grandfather never had a dull moment. She would bunk classes and, both of them would go roaming around the streets of her hometown.

Heartbroken at an early age

Having grown up from a kid to a teenager in his arms, it was a shattering moment for Nikhila when she learned about the passing away of her Grandfather. Her best friend, the first teacher of her life, a partner in crime, and the best companion she ever had left, leaving a wind of sadness behind for her to deal with. She felt too alone and wanted to give up on everything. Govathi found it tough to get back on track, but her family remained supportive and motivated her to live for her grandfather’s dream, who wanted to see her ace the job of a doctor in real life. Keeping him in mind, she gradually learned to live with his memories and eventually came out of the trauma of losing her grandfather.

Living her college life to the fullest

The sturdy Girl’s college life began with much fervor as she could finally shed the school uniform and wear her choice of clothes to college. She made new friends who used to visit her house and became familiar with Govathi’s household members. Parties filled with food, drinks, and dance used to take center stage during their get-togethers at home. At that time, she had no clue about and was least inclined towards research and related activities. Exams were just a means for her to get promoted to the next year and, bunking classes were a norm. With friends and family on her side, Govathi enjoyed every bit of her graduation and post-graduation days.

A call from Delhi

As they say, sometimes the things least attractive to us open doors to the biggest possibilities. Days after completing her Master of science from Hyderabad, Nikhila received a call for a walk-in interview from the Medanta Hospital, a name unknown to her at that time. Though the job did not seem enticing, the fact that she would get a chance to explore Delhi infused a sense of enthusiasm in her. Excited about traveling to the capital, she hardly paid any attention to the reason behind her visit. On the day of her interview, when she saw Medanta from the inside for the first time, Govathi was left spellbound by the superior infrastructure it possessed. Impressed by the hospital’s aesthetic beauty, she resolved to give her best and grab the job opportunity of working at such a prestigious place. Her interview went well, and then came the turning point of her life when she received the appointment letter from Medanta.

Taking up research

Her journey at the Medanta Hospital began as a learning curve for her and eventually transformed Govathi into a meticulous medical professional. Seeing patients and treating them for real was an experience she had always wished to have. Sometimes, upon learning about a patient’s poor financial condition, she wouldn’t charge any fee and even provide regular counseling about how to prevent future ailments by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She was passionate about her job and, with time, the keenness to help others only augmented further. Being witness to many different cases regularly, numerous questions and queries started taking shape in her mind. She wanted to learn about the past of a particular medical issue to understand its present and prevent it from happening in the future. The curiosity turned into zeal and developed in her a knack for investigation marking the beginning of Govathi’s journey in the area of research. She dug deeper into the field of dysphasia and started exploring all its aspects. After investing years into the same, she began publishing research papers and received appreciation for her work from the senior members of the medical fraternity. Her grit, determination, and zeal to work extremely hard to find solutions to complex problems gained her a good amount of recognition and finally, the biggest day of her life came when she won the best researcher award in the field of dysphasia.

Award from Sonali Bendre

Serving Humanity

Not only is she a great medical professional, but Govathi is also a humble human being who loves to give it back to society in some way. Whether it is about treating economically backward patients for free or doing charity for social causes, the high-spirited woman never stays behind. It is because of her deeds that she is a well-known name amongst the members of the medical fraternity. Nikhila credits her family for allowing her to pursue the dream of becoming a doctor and believes that no child should be forced into a profession and must be allowed to work in the field of her choice. Moreover, she acknowledges the contribution of her grandfather during her childhood days and remembers him as her biggest support system.

Advice for the youngsters

She suggests youngsters never lose out on enjoying life and stay determined to reach their goals. No matter if the path is troubled and times are testing, with grit, zeal, hard work, and passion, nothing can stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Further, Govathi advises young lads to do what makes them happy and never have expectations from life. She wants them to stay motivated and inspired to scale heights of success without burdening their souls. The young researcher feels everyone should make mistakes and learn from them to come out as a winner. Only those who develop a habit of correcting their errors climb the ladder of success and become a beaming example for mankind.


From playing with a Doctor’s set in childhood to becoming a doctor in real life, the story of Dr. Govathi Nikhila is as inspiring as it could get. She came from a middle-class background and was an average student during school and college life but still managed to become an award-winning researcher. Her life is a shining example for mediocre students to never lose hope and look for that one spark that could motivate them to achieve success in life. For Nikhila, it was her grandfather and all family member who motivated her as a guide. Later, the experiences in the Medanta Hospital made her realize the importance of research and analysis. She is truly a remarkable human being who still has a lot to explore in life and make lives better.


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