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Actress who believes that God has his own CCTV camera – Geetanjali Mishra

These have been challenging times due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Though its medical vaccine is yet to come, we have seen many humanitarian vaccines in the form of people who have tried to put on track the lives of those economically affected by the catastrophic virus. Out of the many kind-hearted souls, only a few attract the limelight while others continue doing their best for the society with no acknowledgement whatsoever. Geetanjali Mishra, an Indian actress famous for her acts in Rangrasiya and Crime Patrol, is one such compassionate being whose social works are little known of since she doesn’t believe in doing photo ops and just wants to stay focussed on her deeds. Here’s a brief look at her journey and what motivated her to work for society.

Life as a student

Born in Mumbai into a middle-class family, Mishra got her schooling done from a BMC school. Though with little facilities, it had a big heart and an even bigger spectre of knowledge with three of India’s most distinguished languages, Urdu, Marathi, and Gujarati, among others, being taught there. She had a talkative nature but was also an introvert who wouldn’t appear to be interested in extra-curricular activities and the occasional stage events. Though no one is serious about career choices in school life, by the farthest of margins, she had never thought of becoming an actor. She would imagine herself as an air hostess but not as an actor. It was only due to her friend, Seema Sharma, who would push her to participate in the cultural events, that she started engaging with arts.

By the time she entered the college arena, her nature had become bold and Geetanjali would be aware of everything happening in the country. She would have a distinct opinion on social topics and was well known in the college for her fearless personality. The benarasi accent that she had was loved by everyone. It was her mother who belonged to Benaras and had moved to Mumbai after marriage. Mishra’s trips to her village would be filled with nostalgia and her connection with the natural environment and farming is something that she still misses while living in Mumbai. Moreover, she finds stories related to the rural surroundings, intriguing and exciting.

Advice to Youngsters

She enjoyed her college and school lives to the fullest but didn’t compromise on putting seriousness into studies whenever required. When she entered the acting space, her thinking was always to be hardworking and putting the best of her in everything. Geetanjali never gave up on acting once she was sure of having it as a career. A popular TV actress, now stepping into movies and web series with impactful roles, she has just one life lesson for youngsters: to give their best and work hard to achieve their dreams. Moreover, she also suggests parents to not pressurise their children to get higher marks but rather allow them to pursue their dreams.

Social Work

What prompted her to do social work was the misery caused to the poor people due to the Covid19 pandemic. Many lost their livelihoods and were left in the lurch of destiny. She had to do something for them to help them brace uncertain times. As it is said, charity begins at home; Geetanjali began by helping her car cleaner. From there, she never stopped. Taking along some friends, she used social media for the better and created pages where people in need could connect with her. Using whatever little funds, she had, Mishra started providing a month’s ration, medicines, etc. to the needy people and till date, there have been numerous beneficiaries of her initiative. She did all of it without glamorising her image which deserves a little more appreciation than the usual.

Exclusive Interview of Geetanjali Mishra with Vishal Chaubey for Filmy Pathshala show

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