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Exclusive Interview of Pooja Mandal with Vishal Chaubey for Filmy Pathshala show

Tell us about your School Life and college life and how you were as a student

I am happy to say that my school life was an interesting one. I was good in studies till my till class 10th and secured good marks till then but after that in my class 11th and 12th, I found friends that were as playful as me. We used to bunk our classes and enjoyed the time as best as possible. Back in school, I always used to wonder what my life after school would be. I loved imagining meeting new friends, wearing new clothes, having fun and chasing my dream. Today I miss my school days a much, those were very precious moments of my life. I don’t have much memories of my college as I have done my degree from correspondence.

What did you do different from others during your schooling?

Where most of the students just focus on their studies only, I was not one who just went to school for study only rather I was a keen participant in extra co-curriculum activities. I was an active participant in dancing and acting competitions. Where girls just fond of doing make up, wearing beautiful jewellery and shopping but rather I found myself excited playing football. Unlike others I am not afraid of failures as the failures are steps to success.

A life lesson you want to give to students of this country?

I would only like to say that you should enjoy your school life to the fullest because that is the only time you are free from responsibilities and as we get older we want to relive those moments but we can’t, so it’s important to make good memories at that time. Also, you should follow your dreams and chase your passion.

How have you given back to Society?

I love social work but due to lack of time, am unable to do so. But I manage to do small efforts which gives me a type of satisfaction. I love animals so I frequently participate in animal welfare programmes. In 2014 I joined an NGO to help patients with tuberculosis (TB). My role was a DOT provider over there and I am proud that I helped around 600-700 patients to get rid of this disease. I regularly visit old age homes which we call vridh ashram. Taking to old people there and helping them, gives me a relaxation feeling which I can’t express in words.

About your journey

It was not an easy journey; I too had my ups and downs. I belong to a family where much importance is not given to girls and their education. There was discrimination in my family. The girl child was not given any type of support to fulfil their dreams and we were always made to feel inferior and oppressed. But I had a stubborn nature and I wanted to make a life of my own. After my class 12th, my father didn’t support me for my further studies, so I started doing jobs to fund my higher education. I somehow completed my graduation through correspondence after that I tried in some album and movies and started getting calls for some music albums and movies. I could not build my identity from jobs which I was doing. Then I decided to move to Mumbai, I gave a lot of auditions thankfully bagged good roles in TV serials like – Radha Krishna and Tara from Sitara. I continue work hard to get a great and huge opportunity to grow and develop my skills and to show that a girl child is no less than a boy one.

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