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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Filmmaker Vikash Raj Saxena, Producer Nitish Raj and Vishal Chaubey launched their production house “Kaali Entertainment”.

Filmmaker Vikash Raj Saxena has launched his home production Kaali Entertainment. This production has been started by Writer and Director Vikash Raj Saxena, Film Producer Nitish Raj and Vishal Chaubey altogether. Films have always been a way of bringing some kind of changes in a row at the grassroot level in the society.
Production Director Vikash Raj Saxena said that somewhere through this banner, we want to work on such films in which the life of a common man can be reached to as many people as possible. The people of the society want happiness in the stressful life that they get from the screen along with other mediums. In today’s busy life, every moment we need entertainment in one form or the other. The younger generation is taking wrong steps everyday under mental stress, there is a great need for motivation to move forward. It is the best effort of a writer, director and his team that whatever is being produced by them is in a state to reach their heart. Every viewer could connect himself with that film set, story and scenes.
Producer Nitish Raj explains that it is not necessary that you can reach people through big screens, it is necessary that you have truth and later on and how much you can reliably communicate your words via small mediums effectively and score to viewers understandings. Mumbai-based Kaali Entertainment’s post production will be done by Taal Studios.

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