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Why do we celebrate Father’s Day – School Life Lesson

Ever asked for a toy from Dad which he couldn’t afford? If yes, he must’ve spent the last penny in his pocket to buy it for you. That’s how precious a child’s smiling face for her dad is.

The earliest guidance we receive is from our parents. From sitting and standing steadily to learning the etiquettes of life, they build us for the better. Usually, a mother’s love is reflective and is acknowledged with the same vigour by a child. On the contrary, a father keeps it hidden. He wants his kid to become a good person, achieve success in life, and live happily forever. He does everything possible to achieve prosperity for his child. He doesn’t shy away from scolding you when needed, provides you with a shoulder to cry when the whole world turns you away, and motivates you like none other when you are down with failures. And, for all of it, he hardly seeks any acknowledgement. Selfless and strong are the words that accurately define a father.

In India, Father’s Day is usually celebrated in the second half of June when children want to do special things but dad, as always, wants it to be a low key affair. He doesn’t want to be cutting a cake or having gifts, he just seeks to be with his children and considers it to be the biggest present. Dads are always like that- family first. In our growing years, they are our teachers, in the latter half, they become our friends. Aren’t they a tough competition for versatility itself?

Their care is always surreptitious. Sometimes, it comes with a hidden 10 Rupee note in our geometry box which he had denied in the first place or the activation of our favourite cartoon channel overnight. With the changing times, there have been easy replacements for telephones, CRT televisions, keypad mobile phones, etc. but the replacement of a dad‘s love is impossible. There are moments we fight with him but he always fights for us. We think of his ideas and suggestions to be outdated and against our interests but later on in life, it is those ideas that take us through hard times. His teachings are for the future because he knows of the world more than us and wants his children to be prepared for the situations under which he might have failed in the past. We do not like his vigilance over us but of late, realise that he wasn’t protecting us excessively rather monitoring our actions in certain tough situations. If we go wrong, he is always there for us. If we go well, he is always behind celebrating our success even harder than us. The life of a man changes after stepping into fatherhood. He does for his children what he used to do for himself. Be it buying new clothes or accessories, or going out to party, the priorities shift and the goals change from making ‘my life better’ to ‘making my child’s life better’, and from ‘being the best man in the world’ to ‘becoming the best dad in the world’. One day is never enough to celebrate what a father does even a lifetime is a short period to acknowledge his contribution but it gives us a chance to specifically point out and say ‘at least accept this gift today, Dad, its father’s day’.

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