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Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day – School Life Lesson

Everything in this world can be summed up in words but the love of a mother is so unparalleled that defining it in words seems to be an injustice. Her child matters to a woman the most, every other relation comes afterwards. ‘Mother’ means love in its purest form.

Our existence is not because of us but because of the lady who sacrificed the majority of luxuries coming her way just to look after us. The earliest care we receive is from her when she keeps us in her abdomen for nine months enduring all the pain, sufferings, mood swings, and other health-related issues. She is the first person we talk to after entering this universe, and the only person we share our feelings with upon growing up. With her, we never have to speak to express for she understands the silence engrossed in our eyes with ease. Despite living a life full of responsibilities and external burden, she finds time for us, always!

Mother’s love is the purest in the world. Be it convincing dad for something or escaping his anger, we find a haven in Mom. On our days of failures, she is more upset than us and, on days of success, she is the happiest person on the planet. To keep showing the same amount of love every day is not something the current generation is good at but for a mother, it is a cakewalk. We get angry on her, tease her, get into an argument, but she stays the same. If her loss is a win for us, she would love to be on the losing side every time. It doesn’t matter how old we get, she continues to worry for us as if we are still a toddler. Our wounds pain her more than us and our smile is the most relieving thing that she has.

In the days of darkness, struggle, failures, pain, loss, and grief, the one consistent shoulder to cry upon is of a mother’s. No friend can be there for you 24×7, no companion can keep listening to you always but Mom has all the time in the world for you. All she wants is your peace and prosperity. As children, we can never understand the amount of care our mother possesses for us. Her selfless attitude is one to adore and admire. She might be going through a lot but all of it is filtered out and what reaches us is positivity. She sucks out the negativity and infuses belief in us so we never give up on our dreams. Not only success but she teaches us the way to admire success and learn from it. We see many examples of children abandoning their mother after growing up but never do we see a mother abandoning her child. She is our first friend and the best confidant ever. Whatever she does is, in a way, beneficial for us which we might not know initially but realise eventually. For children, there could be one mother’s day but for a mother, every day is children’s day. Her care is unmatchable. The love we receive from her is more than the cumulative love we receive from everyone else throughout our life. Our loneliness comes to an end when we reach her shoulder to rest upon. From courage to the gritty attitude, she teaches us everything in the simplest of ways.

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