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10 bestselling Poetry Books that will Enchant any Reader

10 bestselling Poetry Books that will Enchant any Reader

Poetry is the way to a million of our hearts. It is a play of words that rhythmically conveys your emotions. It is an intensely thoughtful way of expressing oneself through words. For some writers, poetry is a hobby, while for others they love reading and getting lost in it. There are ample well-written and interesting poetry books that would be a good read. Reading poetry is a great approach to pass some time while also gaining some linguistic knowledge. It can be tough finding yourself the perfect book that matches your interests since there are many genres. So, here I am going to showcase some really worth reading and interesting bestselling poetry books that caught my attention.

Bestselling Poetry Books

There are plenty of poetry books to read from genres like lyric, narrative, and dramatic. There are sub-divisions under these categories, and since everyone has varied likes and dislikes. It is important to find a book that stimulates your imagination while blowing your mind. Plus, there are too many authors with different writing techniques that you’ll need to fish from. So, let me help you end your search for the must-read poetry books of all time.

I wrote this for you

This book contains the nearly full works of over 400 poetry, as well as selected pictures. It is a book written by Iain .S. Thomas. Each section reflects on a different facet of life, love, and grief, and it’s a book you’ll want to keep around for a prolonged time. I wrote this for you is the one poetry collection you can’t live without. This is who we all are, who you are, and who I am. However, it is primarily everything that human existence is about. It is the expression of every complex human feeling or tribulation. You won’t be able to keep it down once you start reading it.

Poetry – A Garland of Words

“The Universe as a whole gives us immeasurable ways of making us feel better about our lives.” rightly said by author Margesh Rai (Margdarshan). Nature is a teacher to all of us. It brings out our creative side and motivation. This book is definitely a must-have which introduces you to the vastness of our ecosystem. It has various components of nature, including faith, delusion, patience, and so on. Poetry- A Garland of Words is one of the best poetry books; make sure to read it and find out about the intricacies of nature. This collection of poems written by Margesh Rai (Margdarshan) is amongst the most highly rated books with a touch of modernity, making it golden aged and or for people of any age. And for excellent reasons! It would be a great introduction to your library.

When You Ask Me Where I’m Going

Jasmine Kaur’s premiere is a very intriguing read for poetry fans everywhere since it tells a story through both poetry and prose. When You Ask Me Where I’m Going is a six-part documentary about a young woman who rarely feels recognized and is trying to raise her own daughter while navigating her life, beliefs, and ethnicity. With reflections on our present society, inequities, and sufferings, this new book will encourage readers to speak up for what they have faith in, as well as provide routes to healing.


Beau Taplin, an Australian novelist, first made waves on Instagram prior to being published. Bloom touched many souls and is surely worth reading. This book of poetry and prose is one of my favorites since it covers a wide range of topics that make you think and make you realize the vastness of the universe and how minuscule your role is. This is really one of the bestselling poetry books that you definitely need to read.

Sylvia Plath’s Collected Poems

The Collected Poems gathers all of Sylvia Plath’s poetry in one location, making it a must-read for lovers of the acclaimed author. This compilation, which contains nearly 400 pages of poetic beauty, is one to add to your bookcase right now. If you’re striving to resolve a problem in your life, this is the book to read. It will drive you to keep going in life without stopping. 

By R.H. Sin, I pray this gets her in time

This collection of poems is for you if you’re going through a difficult breakup or have a failed relationship. You’ll get lost in R.H. Sin’s art and feel a little more hopeful that love will find you again after only 72 pages–the perfect book for anyone feeling lost. This is yet another one of the best poetry books, so make sure you read it.

The Sun and the Flowers

If you like Milk and Honey, you won’t want to miss out on Rupi Kaur’s second collection, The Sun and Her Flowers. This book is another must-have for every modern-day aspiring poet or poetry enthusiast, and it is, in my belief, just as good as her first.

Gephyromania by TC Tolbert

This should be at the tip of your #TBR pile if you want to read a poetry book that deviates from the norm. There’s no denying that this is a standout collection, thanks to its innovative format and engaging subject matter. In this inspirational work, a gifted poet employs bridges to examine human connection and gender binary.

The Witch doesn’t burn in this one

The above collection of poems, described as a feminist celebration of women, stands out from the other poetry books on this list and will appeal to those seeking strength above self-indulgent misery.

Poems by Danez Smith, “Don’t Call Us Dead

When it comes to analyzing the human condition and how we ultimately wish society works, this poetry book hits all the right notes. Danez Smith gives readers something to think about by starting the book with a look at what it might be like if victims of police violence ended up in a safe and beautiful afterlife. This book will linger with you long after you’ve finished reading it since it delves into eternity and deep desire.

Bottom Line

These are some of the really interesting, captivating, and poetic reads that you need to add to your to-read books. They talk about various topics in depth. Also, if you’re looking for some books to kick start your reading habit, these are perfect for that too. Make sure to dedicate some time of yours to these delightful books, and I’m sure you won’t put them down.

With that, I conclude this article about the top 10 bestselling poetry books of all time. I hope you will restore most of the poems from the above-mentioned books. Feel free to drop in some other poetry books that blew your mind. Also, keep browsing for more such content. 


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