Home Literature Literia Insight signs Dr. Harshika Pareek for her upcoming masterpiece

Literia Insight signs Dr. Harshika Pareek for her upcoming masterpiece

Literia Insight signs Dr. Harshika Pareek for her upcoming masterpiece

How do you define Literature? Power that effects emotions or force that changes perception. No matter a piece of imagination or a hard core truth behind reality; it serves its purpose.  It’s for liberating mind and soul. Writers reflect their craftsmanship in the books they write and sway people across the world. This is how literature provides a restorative touch that soothes all sorts of pain and agony. It works like magic by breaking the shackles of time and bringing masses together. To bring that solace to the readers, the country’s leading literary agency; Literia Insight has signed Dr. Harshika Pareek;  for her upcoming masterpiece, APOSTROPHE- Fantasy of Romantic Reality.

Literature is not just the medium of expression of longings, dreams and desires but it’s the ultimate panacea for all the Universal conflicts & chaos. It’s the serene and secure place of fantasy built around the world of reality. A place where no one feels alone. Dr. Harshika Pareek has donned many hats with elan. She is an Educator, Psychologist and a Writer. She hails from Jaipur, Pinkcity of Rajasthan, known for its vibrancy, cultural riches yet simplicity and these very epithets sum up her personality. She believes that literature is the best way to dive into Human psyche. Experiencing a personal loss at a very young age, writing became her place of solace and refuge. This journey of self-healing helped her to accomplish personal & professional goals in her life.   She writes in the genre of poetry and short fiction. She unveils her musings about fantasy and reality through her debut short stories collection – APOSTROPHE, Fantasy of Romantic Reality.

In the words of Nitish Raj, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief; Literia Insight, “We are delighted to sign Dr. Harshika who will bring combination of creativity with the up close knowledge of human nature in all its facets. The charm of simplicity & elegance in her upcoming work APOSTROPHE, Fantasy of Romantic Reality is going to win the heart of the readers in no time.”


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