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Similarity of Mirzapur with Faridabad – Nikita Tomar case

Sometimes we wish that we do not see some films, it is better “People say that there is a lot of sexual intercourse, too much abuse has been shown in the film.” I do not want to see the film due to reasons, but I believe that only by seeing such films, we can know something or we can understand something.

Take two days to watch the Mirzapur film because I have seen a lot of crime from the beginning, season 2/2, trade number two, bloodshed, sexual intercourse, abuses, everything was shown in the film and when I saw this film, I felt sad and also felt sad. What in reality such a crime would have happened in the country and the world, because it made me think that if these crimes are to happen in the country and the world then it is a threat to the people of the country.

Nikita Tomar murder case: Both accused sent to 14-day judicial custody

Now, if we talk about the film, then there are all the characters in the film who are acting on the main camera and then all the actors and actresses are very good. When I saw the film and wanted to write something on Facebook, I read a post in Faridabad, which forced the conversion of a girl named Nikita, and forced her to read the post that was shot when she did not do so. It seemed because this shot incident was directly related to the film, it was shot in the film in the same way when someone does not agree to work or does wrong.

So many of this guy had not read the script of the Mirzapur movie? And the gun trade would go on exactly like Mirzapur in Faridabad, perhaps? There will be a king on all those shooters like Kalinya Bhagya who would send the police for weeks Would have closed the mouth? Some politicians would have got issues like JP Yadav and the TRP to the media. What I think is that Mirzapur film is reel life, so you don’t think that reel life matches your real life very much. Let’s think …

If you have not seen the film, then see it is a very good film, just to understand the viewpoint, understand what the characters are sending messages carefully, though every film matches your life but Mirzapur reflects the hooliganism of the country and it probably would have happened There will be and how many rapes have taken place, kidnappings, murders, blasts etc. and think whether the leaders win their elections on the same number of money or spend the railwaysDo the police have any other option other than slavery? Will they be able to do anything by themselves or will they be buried in the bottom of the leaders? How far is it right to call a film bad when murder is raped in front of their eyes in real life.

We have to think otherwise the opium poppy will be sold in this way and people will keep pressing in such pills.

Blog Credit: Durgesh Joshi

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