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Priyanka Tiwari- A great learner of Life

A well-disciplined student who loved to study a lot, Priyanka Tiwari had a bookworm kind of personality at school. The gorgeous, hardworking actor and model has always maintained high standards at work. Her talent has been complemented by sheer tenacity and will power which she has in plenty. Here’s a look at the consummate actress’ school and college life apart from her journey to the acting table.

A stellar student at school

Born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh’s Sultanpur, Priyanka was a good student at school who wouldn’t shy away from studying hard and delivering timely assignments and projects. While the concepts of Mathematics gave her nightmares, the subject of English came as a respite. Her holistic approach towards studies impressed everyone and she was rated highly by the teaching staff. Moreover, from the very beginning, Tiwari believed in being a good human being. Her favourite teacher was Indira Ma’am, also the principal of the school, who guided the young girl in the right direction and reciprocated the love as a mother.

Adversarial college days

By the time she entered the phase of graduation, her life had changed drastically and now, she had to manage her finances, ranging from daily expenses to the college fees, on her own. Hence, she couldn’t afford to choose a regular college and zeroed upon completing her graduation through correspondence. She would work and concurrently study hard as the importance of being a graduate while securing a job was known to her. The extreme determination shown during the adverse phase was rare at such a small age. She inhibited a lot of courage and boldness during this period which helped her take on the odds in the coming years.

Struggle and the way forward

It was during these unfavourable times that she realised her potential in modelling and started taking baby steps in the same direction. The beginning was tough as her parents were apprehensive of the decision and it took a lot for Priyanka to convince them. After years of struggle, filled with ups and downs, she found her way and started utilising the opportunities that came along. Today, she has a lot of experience in her belt but remains down to earth. The achiever believes that one should remain patient and never try to fit into someone else’s shoes. Further, she thinks that if one does the right things and work hard god would help in her cause. People must not ever stop doing good for others because what one does is what one gets in return, she thinks.


The one advice or suggestion that she has for youngsters is that they should get inspired by themselves and not seek inspiration from others. Moreover, they should keep their attitude positive no matter how difficult a situation they get into. For her, if she ever has to give up on acting, the backup plan is to open a boutique and keep working hard. Her dream boy is Salman Khan since college days and she wishes to appear on the television show, Big Boss, someday. One unique thing about her acting journey is that Priyanka never had to give an audition to get work. Further, if she ever gets to open a production house, she would prefer outsiders more than the established actors ruling Bollywood currently.

Gorgeous actress Priyanka Tiwari exclusive interview for Filmy Pathshala Show with Vishal Chaubey..

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