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List of Top 10 courses in India

List of Top 10 courses in India

More important than professing is the art of learning. For youngsters and veterans alike, there is no dearth of opportunities. It is just that one needs to grab the right area or, for that matter, course to learn and educate herself about. Here is a list of the top 10 courses, based on skills, which are currently popular and have a futuristic appeal about them.

Blockchain Technology: This is the most advanced way of storing and sharing information. It is efficient, transparent, quick, and transformative. Moreover, it provides security and reduces the cost to a great extent. The demand for blockchain has seen a huge rise in the banking sector and it is stepping into the fields of healthcare, supply chain, real estate, etc. It is a booming industry whose peak is yet to come. Learning it is no rocket science and it pays you well in the long run too.

Blockchain Technology

Content Writing: Writing is a skill, as we all know. With India going digital, it has become imperative for brands to have their websites decorated with crisp and clear information. Content writers help fulfil this exact demand. Full time, part-time, freelancing, etc. are how you can involve yourself in this domain and augment your skillset and earnings. As a content writer, you could also involve yourself in developing marketing strategies for businesses thereby increasing your knowledge spectrum.

Content Writing

DevOps: This is not the latest tech course or job but is still amongst the most trending ones. Almost all of the leading IT giants use it to enhance the company-customer relationship. Once you have a DevOps certification, the gates to learning some amazing technical skills become wide open. Salaries are high and the demand is humongous. Moreover, the scope of growth for an individual is quite good as she can go on to become DevOps manager, architect, engineer, etc.


Data Science: Everything today is based on data. Companies, whether large or small, have realised the potential of extracting data and using it for their better. A good analysis of data helps in creating new products, adopting innovative tools, enhancing customer satisfaction and making the organisation more efficient. Therefore, the role of a data scientist has become important and knowledge in this spectre can help one in securing her future.

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The future belongs to machines who behave like humans. AI helps does exactly that. The arrival of AI is gradually making natural intelligence a thing of the past. As the demand for AI increases, also increases the demand for AI system developers. So, understanding the concepts of machine intelligence is a smart idea to secure a long term skill-based job.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Digital Marketing: Banners, posters, pamphlets have become obsolete since digitisation has grasped the human mind. Digital marketing has taken over companies by storm and now, no one can deny its importance. Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, in-depth analysis, etc. are some of the key elements of digital marketing. If you have been in the marketing industry since long, now is the time to shift your learning senses to its digital form.

Digital Marketing

Internet of Things: Smart devices are quickly taking over Indian households and giants like Amazon and Google are ramping up the production of such tools. From smart bulbs and lamps to Smart TVs and speakers, technology has leapt forward. If you are enthusiastic and have interest in creating IoT solutions, it would be perfect to go for a professional certification course that could help you become an IoT developer, IoT cloud engineer, IoT architect, etc.

Internet of Things

Full Stack: Having applications and websites has become a basic thing for companies and organisations. There is no dearth of clients and users. A Full stack developer works on both front and backend programming of a digital product. There are many certification courses available to learn the same and grab a well-paying job in the industry.

Full Stack

Graphic designing: This has been a go-to job for many in the past decade and, surprisingly, its demand is yet to relinquish. Visual representation of things has become all the more important after the advent of Digital Marketing and is supposed to grow further due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The film industry, media, and even the organs of the government have kept graphic designers in the loop for projects involving the public. So, it isn’t too late to learn the art and grab some experience before entering the work arena.

Graphic designing

Video editing: This is an evergreen art to learn. These days, all communication and marketing happen through videos. Moreover, with short films, web series, campaigning projects during elections aggressively using videos to further their interests, the demand for video editors is only expected to rise. Certification courses and good experience can earn you a lot.

Video editing


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