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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Young filmmaker Vikash Raj Saxena made a splash

Young filmmaker Vikash Raj Saxena’s debut film Zindagi (A short film) has made a special identity among the youth. A short film dedicated to frustrated Indian Youngsters, ‘Zindagi’ gives the message of living life to fullest, leading the youth towards positivity. The story of the film is taken from the book ‘Love in Modern Times’ written by author Nitish Raj. Publication of the book is done by P.R. Publishers. The book is distributed and promoted by the Literary Agency Litteria Insight. This film presented by Literia Insight and Viewfinder Production. The script and direction of Zindagi is done by Vikash Raj Saxena. The heartwarming and positive dialogues are written by Dayal. The lyrics of the film are written by Vishal Chaubey, music composed by Aman and Sung by Lakshya. Shubham Saini of Ajmer and Shivang Dadhich have done the work of voice in the film. The poster is designed by Ram to describe the theme of the film.

According to Mr. Saxena “In the present times cinema needs ground level issues and subjects. The progress of the people living in the society is not possible unless the society is moving in a positive direction. Development is necessary with right thinking, leading in the right way. I am happy that people, especially the younger generation, enjoy my work. I will try to keep the society and the cinema aware of the topics that includes entertainment as well as carry a positive message”.

Zindagi | A Short Film

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