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Why School life is the best life

Why School life is the best life

The early morning diktats of waking up after exhausting the five extra minutes of sleep that we used to seek from our parents, brushing our teeth with both our eyes almost closed, and skipping baths to cover up the extra sleep time, used to be a nightmare but now we somehow want to live the then horrible moments again. Why do we miss our school life so much and how is it better than the one we are currently living? Here’s a perspective.

From home to school and then back home, our schedule was simple. The felicity of reaching the assembly ground in a proper queue, with our classmates, cannot be replaced by the hastened and solo journey to the office. The fear of not being able to finish the homework and the sudden joy of realising the next day about the subject teacher being absent were moments of such ambivalence which is hard to experience in our current capacity. Today, we work with deadlines, not meeting who could prove to be of irreversible consequences. The fear is there and so is the joy but the child in us has gone missing.

The school was not only a place to study and learn science formulas, it also taught us the meaning of friendship and the subsequent ways of keeping it. The ‘friendship goals’ and ‘bro codes’ that we boast these days were stitched into our memories at a very early age. Fraternity and brotherhood were copiously available and to take our friend’s side was a given no matter what. School gave us a place where we would regularly assemble and make memories with our friends. How many of our school friends do we remember now? All of them! How many are we still in regular touch with? Almost none! This is where the importance of school lies. It gave us irrevocable bonds but took away with itself the chances of meeting our mates constantly.

Remember the stentorian sound of the school bell? How eagerly did we wait for the recess so we could have the delicacies together or, wait, didn’t we finish our lunchboxes before the break so we could utilise it by spending time playing and roaming around the playground and canteen? The bell before the sports period had a different sound of excitement to it which would send waves of enthusiasm into our body. And, what about the longing for the final gong of the day? The chase to our homes to catch our favourite cartoon show on time was a cherishable struggle of school days which we find absent in our current life. Contrary to all this, the lunch break in the office is silent, restricted, and dull. Similarly, there’s no cartoon show to catch at home. We’ve grown up!

If there’s someone who we liked and disliked at the same time, it was the teachers. Some of them would instil fear in our minds so we follow their instructions and study vividly while others used their sweet character to influence our thought process. The same cannot be said about anyone else at our workplace. Teachers were like our parents away from home who would not mind scolding us to make sure we did the right things and maintained punctuality in our deeds. Without a doubt, we miss them and their scoldings. Moreover, now we cannot dress up like them on Teacher’s Day as a tribute to their contributions.

Cry as much but there’s no going back. What we can do is cherish the memories and try to keep the child in us alive for only then we could continue to live a life free of stress and anxiety. The size of one’s school or its building, for that matter, do not decide how big the heart of its faculty and students is. Whether your institution was co-ed or gender-specific, the fun was no different.


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