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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Writer-Director Vikash Raj Saxena receives Social Awareness Award 2021

Writer-Director Vikash Raj Saxena has received the Best Social Awareness Award by the Sincine Film Festival for his short film life. Let us tell you that this International Film Festival saw the arrival of 200 films from various countries, in which a total of 82 films were selected by the jury and screening of selected films was also done. Vikash’s short film Zindagi was awarded the Best Social Awareness Award by the jury after the screening. There is an atmosphere of happiness among the residents on this achievement of development. In the development, he has given credit for this achievement to his parents and all his team members who through their skill and hard work are trying to reach a positive message to the people with a special mention to Vishal Chaubey who has been the lyricist. The film Zindagi is based on the Love In Modern Times by Nitish Raj who is incidentally the Producer of the film, gives an impressive message in a very short time frame.

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