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Zindagi – A Short Film Review

Zindagi – A Short Film Review

How beautifully the word ‘Zindagi’ have been portrayed in the ghazal; “Zindagi kya hai, janane ke liye zinda rahna zaroori hai” of acclaimed Gulzar Sahab which we love to recite now and then. One such story have been portrayed in the Zindagi short film. Vikash Raj Saxena; who had made us aware of various aspects of life through his miraculous writing has tried to present a visual representation of the crests and troughs while donning the hat of a director.

Not a single individual is bereft of problems in this mortal world where the degree and magnitude varies from person to person. If someone is in scarcity of money; then some others are lamenting for solace and advancement in life. And the problem doesn’t end here as few people consider taking their own lives as a solution of their problems which is quite scary. Undoubtedly as portrayed in the short film, individuals finding themselves amidst a turbulent life would wonder about the veracity of life: in the same way as the lead actor lives his life with compassion and patience divided into two halves. Focus on career advancement through continuous self study beside handling his family business reflects the approach of lead actor towards life. Indeed! This could only be life where we are ready to adapt in spite of the multiple obstacles. Indeed! The message depicted in the short film are true to its potential as we need to accept life and work for its further betterment. And leading your life with utmost hope is the biggest takeaway for me personally.

I am thankful to Mr. Saxena for making such a wonderful film along with all the team members involved in the success of this short film.

PC: Joshi Durgesh


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